CONTROLBOX has enabled our customers to avoid large financial losses as they detected situations that were putting their businesses at risk just in time. We cannot publish them for reasons of confidentiality, but there are multiple situations in which CONTROLBOX has proven to be an effective tool for improving productivity and discovering situations involving disloyalty, such as the following, for example:

  • Andrés, who downloaded the customer lists to set up his own surgery shortly afterwards.
  • Pedro, who spent half of his working day browsing social networks while his manager was not around.
  • Martín, who stole the source code from software that was being developed by his company.
  • Carmen, who spent a great deal of time on games websites rather than working in the accountancy application.
  • Óscar, who was sending information on commercial offers to competitors via his personal account.
  • María, who copied the information on important chemical patents to a pen drive and then deleted them from the server.

Is your company under your control?

CONTROLBOX allows you to discover situations such as these and others, and prevent them from putting the security and productivity of your company at risk.

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